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Remember when Twitter was just a free and open conduit for whatever content its users wanted to distribute? Those days are long gone now, replaced by Twitter’s desire to control and monetize as much of its platform as possible, and as much of the content that flows through it. The latest skirmish in this ongoing battle came on Wednesday, when Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom confirmed that the service has removed support for Twitter’s “expanded tweets” feature, and therefore photos won’t be showing up in Twitter any more. While Instagram’s relationship with Twitter is complicated, its reasons for doing this should make other media companies stop and think about how they use (or are being used by) Twitter as well.

As noted by Nick Bilton in a New York Times piece and by my colleague Erica Ogg — and confirmed by a post at the official Twitter blog — what…

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Only a matter of time before this was going to happen. Wikileaks domino effect.


It’s rare that ordinary internet users need to care about what goes on at the United Nations, but this is definitely one of those times, if only because the UN’s telecom arm is currently holding hearings in Dubai that could change the way the global network functions in some important ways. Although fears of what some have described as a UN “takeover” of the internet are over-blown, some of the proposals the telecom committee will be considering could have ramifications for the way we use the internet, and perhaps more importantly how we pay for it. They are serious enough that Net veterans like Vint Cerf, one of the “fathers of the internet,” are warning of the dangers if these proposals are actually adopted.

As we described in a post earlier this year, the controversy stems from a meeting of the UN’s International Telecommunications Union or ITU — a…

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